There are tons of reasons why you might need to find a company that offers Katy, TX garage door installation near me. Your garage door can do more than add an aesthetic touch to your house. Garage doors provide security and privacy for your garage and its contents. They also keep the elements out and can add to your home’s insulation.

Katy TX Garage Door Installation Near Me

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When your garage door breaks down, you’ll need to decide whether or not it needs repairs or a replacement. Here are a few times where your decision may lean towards getting a new garage door:

  1. Your garage door is broken or damaged.
  2. The design is old and doesn’t have new, standard safety features.
  3. It’s not as efficient as it used to be.
  4. You’re giving your entire house a makeover, and the garage door now needs a new style or color to match.
  5. The garage door system doesn’t have some newer features you want it to have.

Garageworks is a garage door company that installs and repairs commercial and residential garage doors and openers in the Greater Houston area, including Katy. Our service technicians have experience installing various garage brands and styles. When you need someone to check out your garage door’s issues, we can be at your driveway as soon as possible. Call us today to find out more about our garage door services.

How to Determine If You Need Katy, TX Garage Door Installation Near Me

Even with the optimal amount of maintenance and service, your garage door can’t last forever. Constant use will gradually wear the parts down. And, of course, accidents can happen, which can speed up the time before you need to replace it.

Garage doors usually last anywhere between 15 to 30 years. With proper maintenance and care, you can prolong its lifespan. One way to keep your garage door in good condition is by allowing a professional to inspect your garage door either every six months or every year.

We also highly recommend that you visually inspect your garage door every once in a while. If you notice something out of place, like rust or other damage, you should call a professional to check it out. A broken garage door is more than an obstacle. A garage door that doesn’t function is also a security hazard.

However, there’ll come the point where it’s no longer cost-efficient to repair your garage door for the umpteenth time. The older a garage door is, the more likely it’s breaking down. At that point, it’s time to look into buying your house a new one.

Katy TX Garage Door Installation Near Me

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Different Types of Garage Doors

There are a few different types of garage doors to choose from. When choosing a garage door replacement, you’ll want to consider a few factors: space, cost, and design. Although finding a design at a price you’re comfortable with is self-evident, space isn’t one you may think of immediately. However, different garage doors work better in different spaces.

  • Sectional Garage Doors

Most homes in the U.S. have sectional garage doors, although you can find some in commercial buildings. Sectional garage doors are a type of door with multiple panels that fold together to create a door. Each panel has wheels on each end that run on a curved track that allows the door to curl up into the ceiling. This type of door is often in garages with a lot of space since the panels can be quite large.

  • Rolling Garage Doors

This type of garage door rolls up into the garage ceiling and is optimal when you don’t have too much headspace. There are two to three-inch panels, which allow the door to roll around a drum that’s above the opening. Roll-up garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Roll-up garage doors come in various materials, including steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

  • Sliding Garage Doors

Although you’ll find most sliding garage doors in warehouses and other large commercial buildings, you can also find them in houses. They’re great for garages with too little or too much ceiling space. These doors slide to the side, running parallel to your garage walls. Unlike other garage doors, they don’t have balancing springs, so there’s no need to worry about tension snapping those.

Maintenance and Care for Your New Garage Door

Garage door maintenance after completing a Katy, TX garage door installation near me is an integral part of keeping your home safe and secure. By regularly inspecting your garage door and taking care of any small problems, you can help prevent more significant issues from developing. Here are some tips for maintaining your garage door.

You should visually inspect your garage door frequently. Ensure there are no cracks, rust, or other obvious signs of damage on any of its parts. You should also wipe down the tracks to ensure no debris or leaves are blocking the wheels. If you feel comfortable with it, you should also occasionally grease or oil the moving parts so they continue working smoothly.

A basic rule of thumb: you should have a professional service your garage door every year, especially if you have a newer door. While the technicians are servicing your door, they can also perform garage door opener repairs and service. In addition, during the course of servicing, your tech may notice other issues, which they can handle while they’re in your garage.

Garageworks offers a maintenance program. We can come by either every six months or once a year to make sure your new garage door is still working the way it should.

Katy TX Garage Door Installation Near Me

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To schedule an appointment or have someone check out what’s wrong, call us at (832) 919-9693 today. If you’re looking for services for Katy, TX garage door installation near me, Garageworks’ technicians are happy to help.

Katy, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The city of Katy is the hub of three counties: Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend.
  • It was founded on rice farming in the 1800s.
  • Even now, Katy has an annual Rice Festival.
  • For more fun facts, visit the city’s official page.